Chrissie Stanley


Chrissie (Marriage) Stanley

Founder & Managing Partner

Chrissie Marriage-Stanley has a diverse, transferable skill set gained from experience across a range of professions including Human Resource Management, Customer Service Management and Administration. Chrissie has performed partnership roles demonstrated in Financial Services (Egg, Prudential and Citi Bank), Retail (Next plc and Debenhams plc) and more latterly the Higher Education sector and has played major roles in the facilitation of organisational change initiatives, leadership and management development.

People describe Chrissie as a ‘natural coach’ and solution orientated, with an intuitive passion for understanding human behaviour, maximizing peoples potential and facilitating personal reinvention, she is friendly and perceptive in her approach. Chrissie is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and her empathetic listening skills, developed through her HR and ER experience, has honed a deep skill-set in the mediation and conflict resolution arena.

A self-confessed clothes junkie, with an eye for unique quality and design, in her spare time you will find Chrissie surfing the internet for her next acquisition! With more than a passing interest in cheese, wines and farmers markets, she loves to cook. Above all else, one of Chrissie’s most endearing qualities is taking the road less travelled – she loves an adventure. You have been warned…

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